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mai_stamps's Journal

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A stamping community for the Mai-HiME Franchise.

Welcome to Mai-Stamps!

Mods/Maintainer: kitty_catline
Stamps made by: kitty_catline
Moodtheme Credit: elevationist

Layout Credit: refuted

Character List: here
Stamped List: here
List of Tags: here
Stamps: here
Needs Votes: here

1. Please use an lj-cut. It has already been added to the application, and this FAQ explains how to use one. If you don't, you will get one warning, and if after 24 hours your entry isn't fixed, it will be deleted.
2. Please keep chatspeak to a minimum and try to use good grammar and spelling. It doesn't have to be perfect, but make it at least readable. :)
3. Answer the questions honestly-- this is not a quiz where you pick answers that are like that of another character.
4. Please be at least 13 years old. This isn't our rule as much as it is LJ's.
5. No bashing or any rude comments. You will be banned if I see this happen. If anyone sees this before I do, please PM me immediately. :)
6. You will be stamped after 5 votes of one character. If there happens to be an equal tie, you will be given both stamps. If you haven't received five votes for one character after a week, you will be stamped as the character you have the majority of votes for.
7. If you don't like the character you were stamped as, you may re-apply after waiting one week, and after one week only.
8. To prove you read the rules, please put "Shining Days" in the subject line. You will be warned once afer if you do not, and if even after that you do not fix it, your entry will be deleted.
9. Bold your votes, please. It makes it easier on me when I'm tallying up the votes. ^_^ Also, you are only allowed to vote for the HiMEs. Eventually we will do themes such as which minor character are you, which otome are you, etc....
10. Just because you haven't been stamped doesn't mean you can't vote. In fact, you must vote on at least three applications to be stamped. If you don't do this, you will get a warning, followed by your entry being deleted.


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